New podcast offering with complimentary duck joke

I’m rubbish! I assumed that because I felt I had an inordinate amount of drivel to supply the world with that I would immediately take to this blogging thing like a duck to water. It turns out that there has either been a dramatic revolution in the duck way of life (and ducks are no longer as keen on water as they once were; it would help the economy if they also disassociated themselves from bread considering the increase in price) or that my duck hypothesis was flawed. I assume the latter but if any duck enthusiasts (I’m talking about the legal kind of course) would like to get in touch to assist with this pointless matter then please do. Perhaps this would be an appropriate moment for a duck joke? No? O well never mind, here goes anyway.

How do you turn a duck into a soul singer?

I’ll reveal the punch line to that joke at the end of this blog post as a reward for reading. So as I was saying, I’d have assumed that blogging would merely be another way for me to incessantly ramble about nothing at all, kind of like I do on the radio. It transpires that I have a proclivity of doing such-like when speaking but I find it much more difficult to convey ideas in writing. “So keep writing for god’s sake and give up the talking!” I hear you cry. I don’t appear to be taking heed of such advice as the latest
Southside Podcast can demonstrate. Sadly there is no mention of ducks but there are pigs. Here’s the included written description of
this week’s podcast in case you needed anymore reasons to not listen:

“This week: Science fiction with David Howe ‘Telos Publishing’ (, television director Graeme Harper on Doctor Who, Robin Hood as well as his
opinions on recent televisual upheavals. We talk wing-walking and anthropomorphosized flying pigs with PR specialist Rachel Huxford. Plus there’s real-life
drama courtesy of Facebook, the truth behind the credit crunch, a David Eagle rant about mobile phones and possible attempted communications from the dead
to contend with. O! And then there’s our new revolutionary catchphrase! … “POD ON!””

I’m going now but I am going to try and write an update every single day. I also need to work on promoting this damn thing when I finally get more material up on here. At the moment I haven’t actually told anyone that this exists and so if you’re reading this then you are a pioneer, an explorer, or simply a very lonely person with nothing better to do. Still, you get to discover the end of the duck joke so I guess things are looking up for you.

So … How do you turn a duck into a soul singer?

Answer: Put it in the microwave until its bill withers!
Get it?
Bill Withers!
Well I imagine you’re all quacking up right now! Hahahahahahaha!


Sir Clement Freud Although I’ve interviewed
Nicholas Parsons a few times I never spoke to clement Freud, despite the fact that he was in the room next door to Nicholas during one of the interviews. It’s such a shame as he’d have probably lived for another twenty years if he’d only had the revitalising joy of hearing my duck joke. Heyho!

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