New podcast news and complimentary taxi driver joke.

This is just a quick blog post to let you know that the 84th
Southside Podcast Has been uploaded and therefore is available to download. I know you’ve probably all ready subscribed to it and so you were aware of this but just in case there is someone out there who has managed to go through life ‘Southside Podcast’ free I thought I better mention it. You can download it
here. this is the description for this week’s offering:

“Welcome to the eco friendly Southside Podcast as we speak about alternative transportation, sustainable energy and renewable sources with Heather Parry from Fodder – the pioneering environmentally friendly eatery. Our New York correspondent Peter Franklin ( talks to us from a transatlantic toilet about gun crime, clowns and Luton Town football Club. Sir Patrick Moore gives some advice for novice star gazers. Actress and fashion guru fiona curzon ( recounts an ongoing saga about her attempts to join a London based hospital radio station to no avail. Plus David eagle explains why he is viewed as a hero among the taxi driving fraternity and attempts to sell his talents to BBC Radio 4. And there’s more! Pod on to be enlightened.”

Before I end up drifting to sleep at the computer I’ll quickly end with a complimentary taxi driver joke.

“What is a taxi driver’s favourite vegetable?”

answer: “Cabbage”.
Get it? Taxi cab, cab-age! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!


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