My First Post. (Wow! what a Title)

Right, so, how to start? Yes that’ll do, that’s how I’ll start. There’s no point starting too brilliantly because then you’ve got nothing to build on. Surely, I can’t fail but to build on this first couple of sentences. I’ve given myself plenty of room for improvement. What a clever blogger I am.

Wow! My first paragraph in blog world or the blogosphere as it’s apparently known. O yes, I have done my research. You didn’t think I would just go into this whole blogging thing with no clue about what I’m doing, did you? I have conducted meticulous research into how to create the perfect blog. I am merely easing you in gently, separating the men from the boys (purely to ascertain who can handle my amazing pros, you understand; not for any dodgy reasons. I wouldn’t want you thinking that I was separating the men from the boys for anything sinister).

My research comprised me reading a number of articles about how to create an interesting and successful blog. All of the blogs I read claimed that one of the most important components to creating an interesting blog was originality. Ironically, I read this helpful hint on all the blogs, I read, which somewhat undermines the point, as the blogs became less original and less interesting the more I read. Now I’ve gone and perpetuated that same old advice further by mentioning it in my blog. Still, if anyone has stumbled across this blog by doing a search for “how to create an interesting and successful blog”, then I’m sure they’ll have realised by now that this is the perfect source for all they desire to know. Simply read and learn my friend.

One problem I have discovered since I started writing this blog post, is that Microsoft Word’s spell checker does not recognise the word blog, and tries to change the word “blog” to “bog”. I wonder how many reckless bloggers have hit autocorrect on the spell checker, not bothering to check their work back before sending to the blogosphere. Perhaps someone was too embarrassed to admit their carelessness and decided that, rather than suffer the condemnation of fellow bloggers – the blogosphere can be quite a harsh and cruel place apparently – they would instead create a bog blog. Perhaps they would go around sampling toilet flushes, taking pictures of various toilets both public and private and recounting (perhaps even inventing) toilet anecdotes just to cover up their initial mistake. I suppose this person might have called these toilet anecdotes lavastories. The creator of the bog blog would even go so far as to change his name to Allan and undergo agonising and dangerous plastic surgery to shape him in to a dice. All this just to substantiate his new nickname, Cubic Al. O and he’d obviously relocate to Looton. At first Allan was amazingly keen to update his bog blog, in fact he made it his number one priority. Sadly though, after a while he started to lose interest and he found it more and more difficult to release his creative juices, in fact he would really struggle sometimes to come out with anything at all. He really had to faucet.
Anyway, before this post goes totally down the swanny, I’ll bid you farewell and leave you with this
link to a website that contains many colloquialisms for the word “toilet”.

The blogosphere has evolved!

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