My first blog post as a 24 year old, and new podcast news

So, just in case you hadn’t gathered from my highly cryptic blog post title, this is my first blog post at the age of 24. I’m sure you’ll start noticing a more mature and responsible approach to my posts – political comment, and opinions on the stock market index. From now on I’ll ration myself to just one fart joke per week. Anyway,

I know how difficult it can often be to find that perfect gift to give someone on there birthday that really sums up your feelings of immense love towards them. I know this because I didn’t receive anything this year, and I’m sure that’s got to be the reason why. But you don’t need to worry. I’ve got the perfect present that will instantly demonstrate your love towards the person on their special day. The 93rd ‘Southside Podcast’! If you want to make the gift even more special, then why not burn the podcast on to a CD, create your own artwork and wrap it up with a pretty bow on top. Wow!

It’s also my first podcast at the age of 24, so you can listen to hear how age has affected my voice. But that’s not all you’ve got to look forward to. Here is the OFFICIAL description for this week’s podcast:

It’s 40 years since the first moon landing, and to commemorate this we feature a discussion with Sir Patrick Moore, who tells us what his favorite cake is. O yes, and he talks about the first moon landing a little too.
And from that we move to a moon walker of a different kind. Michael Jackson’s death remains a primary focus point in the media, and this week, award winning concert pianist Lucy Parham talks about the dangers of being in the media spotlight, and the problems of being branded a genius, referring to classical composers such as Mozart. Plus she warns of the perils of performing outdoor music festivals.
Singer songwriter Tallulah Rendall seems to have been spending her time recently running around in woodland pretending to be a nymph. Come on! we’ve all been there. Tallulah explains all.
And with all that craziness going on, we try to calm things down a bit with best selling author and life coach Lynn Serafinn who focuses our attention on the spiritual, and talks about ‘the garden of the soul’.
So ‘Pod On’™ batman style to the 93rd Southside Podcast.
You can download it

As I say, a perfect birthday present, plus you can give them a special birthday cake based on the suggestion of Sir Patrick Moore. Genius!

Anyway, this is meant to be a short post because I’ve got to pack tonight for going to Germany tomorrow with my folk group,
‘The Young’uns’
to perform at a festival.. I’ll maybe post an update from Germany if I get the time, although I’m 24 now and I don’t have the energy I once had, so I might not get round to it.

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