More Ducks and more Sir clement Freud

A great thing about internet search engines is that you can often instantly find unknown connections between seemingly disparate words or subjects. For instance, today (just as an experiment) I did a search for “Sir Clement freud, ducks”. This was because I wanted to see if my
blog post from a few days agocame up in the top ten results as I mentioned Sir Clement and ducks in the same blog post. I assumed (stupidly) that very few websites would have Sir Clement freud and ducks written in close proximity to each other. I forgot that Sir Clement freud (as well as being a comedy great) was also a well-known Chef and had obviously (in his time) included duck in his food creations. However I was not previously aware of a little factoid which I picked up from my search. Apparently, Sir Clement freud was responsible for the line “Hold my platypus duck, Bill” in the song ‘Tie Me Kangaroo Down” by Rolf Harris as apparently Clement suggested it to Rolf. Without that line, Rolf would have probably been a nobody and animal hospital would have never happened. Thank God for Clement freud then! Needless to say my blog post wasn’t in the top ten search results for “Sir Clement Freud, ducks” but maybe one day … Everyone’s got to have a dream.Now you might be expecting at this point another duck joke (which I gave you in the last duck related blog) and if that Is the case then you’re not going to be disappointed because fortunately I haven’t got one.

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