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Download the audio version of this blog post here.

In Friday’s blog, I mentioned that I had taken part in a Danny Robins documentary for BBC 6Music. This involved me standing on Hob Moore in York with a witch expert, playing my Accordion to evoke evil spirits (keep your jokes to yourself), singing a folk song about witches and chanting about killing dogs for Satan. Thank goodness 6Music was kept on air, otherwise quality documentaries like this might never have seen the light of day. The programme will be broadcast on Halloween night on 6Music. It will obviously be up on the IPlayer for seven days (providing we don’t crash the website with the extreme volume of hits it will no doubt receive). I’ll also probably be able to upload it to this website after those seven days have elapsed.

There is, as you might expect, a story attached to my involvement in this documentary, and I’ll explain everything to you nearer the time of the broadcast date.

For now though, I have an audio treat that you may like to take me up on. I was reminded through meeting Danny Robins, about his series on radio one which aired weekly between 3 and 4 in the morning. I found a recording of one of these programmes on an old hard drive, and have decided to upload it here. I have done this for two reasons. Firstly, because I think you might like it (and it may prove a welcome diversion from listening to fifteen minute anecdotes about my office printer. My second reason however is a less noble one: by putting content on my website that is not mine, but rather the work of a more popular presenter, I might manage to acquire new visitors to this website, who might, just might, though probably won’t, stay for awhile and read some of my blogs. I hope Danny Robins doesn’t mind me exploiting his talent in such a way.

So this is a Danny Robins radio one show from 13th October 2005. If only he knew that he had seven years to wait before his career really took off and he’d be standing on a moore at night, interviewing me on the subject of witches. I’m sure that would have kept him going through all the dark times.

Download it here.

In fact, I might set up a whole page on my website containing old radio programmes, and habitualy exploit the success of other more popular presenters in order to get more visitors to my site. It’s time to play dirty! If that plan fails, then I might have to go one step further and have porn videos on my website. Maybe I could call on the help of Lakisha-Shaulis at That’s a reference to a previous blog post, in case you didn’t know and were starting to get a little concerned.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the download, and I’ll be back soon, providing I haven’t been possessed by evil spirits, or arrested for copyright infringement.

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