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Celebrity stand-up comedian, actor and Voice Over
Marty Ingels offers a unique and perhaps controversial perspective on the death of Michael Jackson. Marty lives with his wife, the infamous actress and singer
Shirley Jones in the same street as the Jackson family. You can hear both Marty Ingells and Shirley Jones, with some momentous Shirley Jones news by listening to
This week’s ‘Southside Podcast’. Retired actor, director and drama coach Jack Lin extols the work of
John Barrowman and tells us what it was like to be the drama coach for
Anthony Hopkins. He also has a bit of a rant about reality shows such as ‘Britain’s got talent’. A man after my own heart, if you recall.
my own blog post on the subject. Jack Lynn is currently residing in a place called
Denville Hall, a retirement home for actors. I’d love to be a fly on the wall in that home. I don’t think Jack Lynn would be offended if I described him as a little eccentric. I think most people working in showbiz or in creative jobs are often thought of as a little eccentric. I suppose they have to be. Anyway, imagine some of the crazy conversations that must take place in the home. I wonder whether they randomly start acting out scenes they’ve previously starred in. I expect some of the more senile actors would certainly do this. It must get very confusing for the staff. Perhaps a fly on the wall documentary is needed although I’ve probably blown my chances by admitting that I’m merely interested in going there to be entertained by senile dementia. You can’t get away with anything nowadays. Political correctness has seen to that. You can even get into trouble just by mentioning the word “homosexuals”, as I explained in
previous blog post. Oo, I’m getting all nostalgic.

And the acting theme continues on the podcast this week as in the studio we have actor and horse racing commentator
Malcolm Tomlinson. Malcolm currently plays the school principal in
‘Hollyoaks’. His daughter
Eleanor Tomlinson is also an actor and has been described as the next
keira-knightley. We don’t just talk to actors though, o no. We speak to celebrity wedding planner
Siobhan Craven-Robins and find out about a
new reality TV show on ‘UK Living’ called ‘Four weddings’. The concept sounds hideous. Basically it’s like
‘Come Dine with Me’ but instead of judging four different people’s meals, they judge each others’ weddings. Is nothing sacred? Also we speak with science fiction authors and critics
Alan Stevens and Fiona Moore about the recent ‘torchwood’ television series and other SF stuff. And you can download it
Actress Shirley Jones has appeared in many films and TV programs and worked alongside many prestigious and talented actors. One of these actors was
Burt Lancaster.
I was reminded of a film that Bert Lancaster played the lead part in. It’s a really strange film called ‘The Swimmer’. I’ve never watched the whole film so have no idea how good it is. It’s meant to be quite poignant and touching although I’m not entirely sure you would get that impression from the trailer. It’s a bit surreal. Basically it’s about a man who decides to make his way home by swimming in all the garden pools on-route. So he just jumps over someone’s fence, whips off his clothes, jumps in their pool and does a lap of honour before jumping over the next fence to do the same in the next garden pool, until he reaches home. On his adventure he meets many beautiful women who fall in love with him. Listen out for the epic line “we made love in this pool remember? and you loved it”. I suppose it’s kind of like Jack Kerouac, only ‘in the Pool rather than ‘on the Road’. Anyway you can watch the trailer
Yours truly David Eagle, a very special human being!

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