I’ve Been ON Mark Radcliffe (Not Like That, You Dirty Animals!)

A few minutes of our MainStage performance at last week’s Cambridge Folk Festival were aired on BBC Radio 2’s Folk Show with Mark Radcliffe. As well as playing one of our songs they also featured one of our talky bits, where I was imparting a dream I’d had about Mark Radcliffe. It’s available on the IPlayer here. Our bit is twenty minutes in.

I suppose that this means that I can now technically say on my biog page that I’ve had my comedy featured on BBC Radio 2, perhaps this will hoodwink a lazy commissioner into taking an interest, perhaps just assuming that I’ve had my own BBC Radio comedy series. You never know. Well you do, but anyway.

At the end of the show, Mark announced that the Young’uns will be next week’s guests. We’ll be singing three songs and chatting in between. So tune in next wednesday (13 August) from 7pm.

More clips from our Cambridge sets will be on the next Young’uns Podcast, which will hopefully be released soon. I’ve had a couple of computer problems in the last few weeks, plus I’m working on standup ideas, but I’m sure I’ll find some time to sift through hours and hours of recordings of me talking (it’s one of the perks of my job. I bet you’d love a job that consisted of sitting and listening to me talking all day. I’m so lucky.). Anyway, I think I owe it to James Fagan, who’s life must be feeling pretty empty right now, as it’s been awhile since I called him up to chat about testicles. Not to mention how bereft you all must be feeling without your regular dose of testicle talk and cringeworthy puns. I suppose sometimes I get a bit complacent and forget just how much people rely on me to brighten up their otherwise dull and pathetic lives. When I say “dull and pathetic lives,” I’m obviously not referring to you; I meant my other readers, obviously.

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