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In the first David Eagle’s Pick and
(which you can listen and download here)
I mentioned that I would write a blog post about some of my favourite DJ’s in an attempt to hopefully introduce you to some quality audio experiences and also so that you will no who to blame for my DJing attempts. So here goes.

December 2001: A trail came on bbc radio 1 that consisted of lots of different tracks all woven into one another and over the top of each other in a 30 second mix, advertising a program to be broadcast on Christmas night by 2 Many DJ’s called Hang the DJ. At the time, I’d never heard of
2 Many DJ’s, also known as Soulwax, but I was compelled to listen because of the trail.

That Christmas had the potential to be really depressing for me; in 2001 I would have been 16, and my dad decided that this meant I was now old enough to learn that he and my mother had been lying to me all these Christmas’s and that this Santa bloke who I’d been trying my hardest to be good for all these years didn’t actually exist?! Fortunately my disillusionment with life was tempered by the 2 Many DJ’s show.

It certainly didn’t disappoint. I sat by the radio and listened to the whole thing enraptured. It was the first time I’d come across the concept of the “bootleg) as it was labelled: Mixing the vocal of one song with the instrumental of another. Nowadays it’s common practise and has spawned many a pop hit but it seemed really innovative to me back then.

I remember my girlfriend at the time ringing me up to wish me a merry Christmas. She’d bought me loads of presents–a lot more than I’d bought her–and I am ashamed to say that rather than saying “thank you, merry Christmas” and engaging in conversation, I told her I was too busy to talk because I was doing something really important. I think she felt a bit put out at the time but I’m sure that if she’s reading this blog post now, she’ll willingly forgive me the transgression considering that “really important” thing led to the concept for David Eagle’s Pick and Mix which has obviously helped make the world a better place.

I recorded the mix on a couple of c90 cassettes. I’ve uploaded that original recording for you here. The whole mix is there, apart from the few missing seconds from turning over to the next side and changing the tape. I hope those missing seconds haven’t lost us some precious moment of genius, but I don’t remember thinking so at the time.

Click here to Listen.
Click here to download.
Or you can access the flash option if you’d rather stream it from this blog so you can enjoy listening while looking at the photo of my face.

I’ll release the next David Eagle’s Pick and Mix sometime this year but the main priority will be the Young’uns Podcasts, the first of which will be here by the end of this week / beginning of next week.

I hope you enjoy the mix. Listening to it again ten years later still brings me back to that Christmas, sitting by the radio in ore, telling my girlfriend to piss off … O the memories!

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