Getting down and QUERTY!

And so the glorious moment has finally arrived. This is my first blog post using the aforementioned QUERTY keyboard. I am typing directly into the
Mobile phone. This means that I’ll be able to blog and work from any location, providing I don’t lose my phone and the battery remains charged. Anyway,
I thought long and hard about how to make my QUERTY blogging debut, but after much deliberation I came to the realisation that there could only be one
setting deserving of the privilege. Just think of it, I can now blog from anywhere – on busses and trains zooming across the country, (not that busses get close to reaching anything near zoom point) and a myriad of exotic locations around the world, but even more exciting than that, now I can write blogs from the toilet. Hurray! At first you might think this is a little banal. However, I have most of my great ideas on the toilet. Now you may be thinking, “what great ideas?” Exactly, that’s the point. By the time I get away from the bathroom I have often forgotten
what the great idea was. Well no more. Now I can blog to the world from my toilet, but wait, the possibilities are endless here, I’m not just talking about my toilet, but any toilet anywhere in the world. Wow! Just imagine.

Well, I’ll leave you to imagine, and see if this will send successfully. < Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (Ah! That’s better!)

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