First Festive Audio Blog

While the BBC, commercial terrestrial and sky TV channels have started advertising their Christmas schedules, David Eagle fans have not yet been illuminated on what to expect blogs and podcastswise over the festive period. Well allow me to address that gaping chasm in your lives right now.

We’ll have a Christmas Young’uns Podcast available in the next few weeks, and I’ll be posting at least two festive audio blogs before Christmas day. In fact, here is the first festive audio blog, which is my blog post from Christmas Eve last year. It’s called All I Want for Christmas is a Kick in The Balls. Find out why by downloading the podcast here.

You can subscribe to the audio blog podcast to receive new podcast episodes automatically here.

In other news: the Young’uns now has (or should that be have) a mailing list, so do your inbox a favour and subscribe to it. Visit the Young’uns website, enter your email address and click subscribe. Simples. Yes, that’s right, I wrote “simples”, because that’s what that meerkat says from that advert, hahahahahaha. I’m a comedy innovator.

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