Dollop 64 – Psychos, Murderers, And Vegans

I’ve realised that the last two Dollops have probably painted me as a bit insane, and I don’t think today’s Dollop is really going to help convince you otherwise. It features three songs written and recorded by me in my teens. Psycho’s World was recorded when I was eighteen. Metaphorical Murder was recorded when I was nineteen. And then there is the Vegan song, recorded at the age of just fourteen.

Prepare your ears for an onslaught of death metal and dark, sinister and ludicrous lyrics.

Don’t worry, I’ll write a nice Dollop tomorrow about pretty flowers and fluffy kittens, although be reassured that this time the kittens won’t have diarrhoea

Download my musical psychotic episode here.

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8 thoughts on “Dollop 64 – Psychos, Murderers, And Vegans

  1. Just had to walk downstairs in the pitch black after listening to that – not an experience I want to repeat! Especially with my cat trying to take on the role of the psycho killer by stalking me round the kitchen. 😱

  2. Listening to this 18+ months later in October 17 this seems totally relevent listening. I dhall have to broadcast the music through speakers to dcsre away any unwanted kids attempting to trick or treat tomorrow night

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