Dollop 49 – Meet Rebecca Slater

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Today, I came across an old memory stick with a load of random things on, including a number of songs that I recorded between 2000 and 2006, age 15 to 21. Most of them will never see the light of day, and for good reason, but there are a few that I listened to that I actually quite liked. I think I will post some of them up as Dollops over the next couple of weeks.

The first song is called Rebecca Slater, which is about a University student’s infatuation with a girl who attends his debating classes. I’m not sure what inspired it. I was at University at the time, but I never attended debating society. I quite like the arrangement, and it was one of the few songs that didn’t make me cringe. My accent is a bit strange, but I think it’s because I’m trying to take on the persona of a posh Oxford/Cambridge University student.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I have another song about a maths student facing relationship troubles, which I wrote six years ago. It is entirely recorded apart from the vocal, which granted, is a rather important aspect of the song. Hopefully I’ll get time to finish that before heading to Australia in March. I think it’s pretty good, and it would be a bit of a waste not to ever complete it. But for now, here’s a song from my twenty-year-old self.

Download it here

Back tomorrow with my usual ramblings about something or other.

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