Dollop 24 How To Improve The Beatles, Queen and Elvis With A Single Mouse Click

So yesterday we discovered that there is an online tool for bloggers designed to let you plagiarise from the Internet. All you need to do is paste some text from someone else’s blog and click generate, and the words will magically change and reorder to create a differently worded article, but essentially comprising the same content. Yesterday I tried this with some fiction, and the results were pretty good; you might even get away with it. So, with that in mind, today I take things further and write three pop masterpieces, simply by copying the lyrics of an established hit and clicking generate on the Article Generator. So I borrowed from the Beatles, Queen and Elvis and then recorded the results, changing the tune ever so slightly to further disguise the original. Here are the results. This time next year I’ll be a millionaire; or in prison for plagiarism.

Download my masterpieces here

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5 thoughts on “Dollop 24 How To Improve The Beatles, Queen and Elvis With A Single Mouse Click

  1. Ruined!!!!! Completely ruined all future attempts at teaching that song to my young musicians. Or at least, there’s one particular line I will never be able to sing or hear without choking. In fact I’m going to struggle to sleep tonight for the phrase “talking useful titbits” echoing in my head.

      • Thank you, perhaps next year The Young’uns should do an April 1st gig and sing our usual songs but with the lyrics changed by the article generator.

    • You could consider this exercise as quite educational for children, given that not only are you teaching music, but you’re also helping to widen their vocabulary. Obviously, in an ideal world they would just put this blog on the curriculum.

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