Dollop 16 – George Formby Parody

Today’s Dollop is not a blog post, but a parody of the George Formby song When I’m Cleaning Windows. This was inspired by the fact that there was some skiffle music playing in the pub we were in last night. The song was only written a couple of hours ago. I was going out in an hour, so had to quickly record and edit it together, but I think it still sort of works. I am writing this introduction on the bus on the way to the house of The Young’uns’ very own Sean Cooney for a curry. I have also uploaded the audio while on the bus. This is the madness of doing this daily. I am an hour late for an evening with friends and I’m writing and uploading things on a bus. Hopefully the effort will be worth it, as it would be a shame to lose all my friends for the sake of producing shit. Anyway, hopefully you’ll enjoy this,

Download it here

I’ll be back tomorrow.

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11 thoughts on “Dollop 16 – George Formby Parody

    • Thank you Katherine. Actually, I am quite impressed with how Formbyesque my voice is at times. I’d like to think I was channeling his spirit, but as today’s Dollop explains, I probably wasn’t.

      • Impressively Formbyesque I thought. Now all you need is to learn a few chords on the uke and you’ll have a nice little sideline – in fact rather worryingly, it could earn you a lot more money than folk music.

    • Thank you Chloe. Do you think there’s a gap in the market for erotic fiction delivered in the voice of George Formby?

      • There might be demand for erotic Formby elsewhere online, although it really does seem quite unconventional. I am wary of researching this particular inclination, and it certainly doesn’t tickle MY ukulele…

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