Do you have a nose? Then use it!

Forget rubbing shoulders; it’s all about rubbing noses now. I’m assuming that you all have a nose, though I apologise if you don’t and this whole Eskimo Kissing thing is causing you distress. For those of you who do have these aforementioned facial appendages, I’d like you to utilise them in the creation of the Eskimo Kissing music video, which (as I said in my last blog post) I want to go viral (the video that is; I’m not saying that I’d like your noses to go viral).

My idea for the video is a collage of very short video clips consisting of people rubbing their noses together. I want nose rubbing videos recorded from all sorts of locations: on trains, busses, boats, in forests, in church, factories, shops, restaurants, pubs, up a tree, in the sea, in a tent, on a bloody bouncy castle – wherever, anywhere will do. I want people of all ages. We might even get some animal nose rubbing action sent in. Imagine that. Wherever, whoever and whatever; as long as it’s nose rubbing, I want it.

You can send me videos or still photos. Either upload them to somewhere and email me the link, or
send them to me as an attachment via email. My email address is:
Or you can comment on this blog post and send me the link that way.

Just a short video of you rubbing your nose with someone or something. That’s all we need. If you do fancy doing something more creative that you think will work then feel free. This is your song just as much as mine. You don’t expect me to take full responsibility for all this nonsense do you?

I would also like any recordings, either audio or video, of you saying, shouting, or whispering, “nosey nosey”. I don’t care how you say it, or how many of you are saying it, I just need clips of people saying “nosey nosey”.

So please, get to work. Send me your nose rubbing videos and photos, and your “nosey nosey” recordings . Upload them somewhere or
email them straight to me.
Let me know that you’ve made a video and where I can find it.

OK team, it’s time for you to get to work. Make a blind man very happy. Get involved. You nose it makes sense!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a progress report.

In case anyone has stumbled across this blog post and hasn’t heard the Eskimo song yet, you can download it here. You can read this blog post about how it all began.

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