David’s Daily Digital Dollop: Dollop 341 – Dodgy Country Comedy

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6 thoughts on “David’s Daily Digital Dollop: Dollop 341 – Dodgy Country Comedy

  1. David. I must protest in the most strongest terms. Outraged does not even come near. I can supply photographic evidence to my lip biting incident. I have taken a picture but it looks ghastly and I would not want to frighten the regulars . If you could arrange for a representative to visit me in the South West I can prove my worth as the CEO of the lip biting foundation.

    As It is Wackington minor is attending your gig in Stockton tonight and I will send her the picture and you can request to see it on the stage.

    looking forward to the Christmas party !

  2. Wow! I actually gasped in shock a couple of times during the bit where he talked about diseases. Goodness me! I thought what you said about people being able to be themselves was lovely.

    • Yes, he seemed to think that homosexuality was a modern thing, a bit of a new fad, rather than just simply that you can be gay now without being imprisoned for it. His comment about having to be careful round gay men, in case he caught a sexually transmitted disease from them when they coughed on him, didn’t make any sense either, But hay ho.

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