David’s Daily Digital Dollop – Dollop 281 – Inside The Animal Sounds Phonetic Assimilation Think Tank

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18 thoughts on “David’s Daily Digital Dollop – Dollop 281 – Inside The Animal Sounds Phonetic Assimilation Think Tank

  1. I was taking this all very seriously until you reached the bit about the “oink of derision”! 🙂

  2. Another train! Yay!
    The Runaway train I sing about at todddler group goes “woo woo!” not “choo choo!” It’s compulsory for all the adults to join in with the wooing. If I have to do it, so do they!

  3. When I did German at school we had a giggle at a comic or cartoon type thing where the dog went “knur knur” where you have to pronounce the K, which my phone isn’t at the moment. We all laughed a lot and thought this was the most ridiculous representation of a dog’s bark ever! When I was in the sixth form I asked a German lady about this and she said it wasn’t supposed to be a barking noise but a growl. Still a bit weird with the K on the beginning though.

    • Well that’s a bit confusing because you could end up with the car horn on my Friday morning runaway train! LOL! Oh and where did the consonants come into “beep beep” anyway? Weird!

  4. This is clearly a controversial subject. I assumed choo choo was the recognised train noise in Britain, but woo woo seems to be rearing its head quite a bit here.

  5. I’d say Thomas the Tank Engine definitely made a Choo Choo noise.
    My confusion is with car horns; do you “beep” or “toot” the horn? People from Essex (myself included) “bib” the horn and I don’t really know why.

    • To bib or not to bib? Well if we live by the proverb The Only Way Is Essex, then clearly we must accept that to bib is the correct phonetic denotation of a horn. However, fortunately I don’t tend to use titles of ITV “reality” shows to inform my life choices, so I’m not going to be joining the bib brigade.

      I think that modern Thomas The Tank Engine is still using choo choo sounding steam trains, so actually Thomas is probably the only real example of a choo choo train that kids have nowadays, but I think it’s still quite a popular children’s TV programme, so maybe the choo choo idea is partly maintained because of that.

    • LOL! That’s hilarious! made me laugh out loud. was going to say I wonder what the neighbours think but they should be used to me after two years

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