David’s Daily Digital Dollop: Dollop 254 – The Other David Eagle

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Yesterday I mentioned that I frequently receive emails intended for another David Eagle, a design consultant from Stoke. I try to email everyone back, explaining that they’ve got the wrong David Eagle, and this is quite an undertaking, because David Eagle the design consultant from stoke gets a hell of a lot of emails. But my efforts don’t seem to do anything to stem the flood, and more and more emails keep coming in. But then a few months ago, I finally received an email from the other David Eagle.

His email address was the same as mine, except for one letter. He said that he’d heard that a few emails intended for him had come to me, and wondered whether I could forward them on to him. A few emails? There were hundreds of the bloody things. He also asked if I could forward any future emails straight to him, and he would respond to them letting them know that they’d emailed the wrong person. I don’t think the other David Eagle was prepared for the amount of emails I forwarded him. I trawled my inbox for the emails and began forwarding them onto him. It took me hours. There was no shortcut that I could think of. I had to click on each email in turn, and then forward that email to him. I was potentially saving his business here. Each email was potentially rescuing thousands of pounds worth of work, which might never have been gained if it wasn’t for my act of altruism. If I’d have been more savvy, I would have done a bit of haggling and tried to wangle a fee for my half day’s work. But I am far too soft and nice, and so I forwarded him every single email and agreed to forward him all future miss sent messages.

The other David Eagle replied with his thanks, his apologies and expressed surprise by the sheer volume of emails. Over the coming weeks the emails kept pouring in, and I would forward each one to the other David Eagle. At the start he would respond with a “thanks,” but after awhile he stopped responding. I received a couple of emails over Christmas and I forwarded them onto him with a little friendly Christmas message, telling him that these were his Christmas presents from me. I didn’t get anything back. I got another email for him a few days later, which I forwarded to him and told him that because he’d been good, I was giving him two Christmas presents this year. He clearly wasn’t interested in my attempts to engage in such idle banter. I continue to forward his emails to him regardless, in spite of his lack of gratitude or even acknowledgement , because that’s the kind of nice person I am.

Without me, he might never know that his villa project was ready to have faze two implemented, and he might be sat at his desk, twiddling his thumbs, wondering why faze one was taking so damn long. Recently I got an email for the other David Eagle from a company who had booked a rather posh hotel for him with breakfast included and it was all paid for by the company. All the information about the booking reference and the people who had booked it was included in the email. I could have gone to the hotel, handed over the dails, pretended to be the other dAvid Eagle, and had a free stay and a breakfast. But, because I am nice, I forwarded the details to the intended David Eagle. And did I get a thank you? No.

If this ungrateful silence from the other David Eagle continues, then I may be inclined to ask you all who are reading this to email david@davidmeagle.co.uk and make loads of Dollop related references, as if you thought you were emailing me. And we’ll see how he likes it? And we’ll see if he forwards the emails to me. I don’t think this David Eagle realises who he might be potentially making an enemy of. I have the power to instruct my army of readers to never use David Eagle from Stoke’s design consultancy services, and this could have disastrous consequences for David Eagle’s business. After all , I have at least 200 people reading this, David, and there’s a chance that maybe one or two of those people might have needed some design consultancy doing, and maybe they might have come to you, but not now. So as you can see, David, you don’t want to be messing with me. A thank you costs nothing, but a lack of a thank you could end up costing you dearly. It’s a shame to war with my own namesake, but you are forcing my hand, David Eagle. I’ve stopped putting little jocular messages in the forwards now, because it’s clear that you’re not up for bantering, and that’s fine. But a thank you would be nice. And I don’t even require a thank you for every email; just once in a while would be nice. We David Eagles have a reputation to uphold, and this lack of common curtisy is not doing the David Eagle name any favours.

Thank you.

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2 thoughts on “David’s Daily Digital Dollop: Dollop 254 – The Other David Eagle

  1. Manners cost nothing. A few seconds occasionally to thank you, that’s all it would take. Good for you for still forwarding his emails.

  2. Proving once again that you are indeed a very patient man. I would have started deleting these emails long ago. Once he stops getting his messages he might get around to changing his email address to one that will no longer get confused with yours.

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