David’s Daily Digital Dollop: Dollop 225 – The Young’uns In The Mix – Where Folk Music And Pop Music Collide

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At 11pm on Saturday 20th August, I shall be DJing at the Folk East festival in Suffolk. The night will be called The Young’uns In The Mix. As well as debuting this unique project at Folk East, we’ll be releasing it on The Young’uns Podcast at the end of August. Here’s a little bit of bumf about it, and I’ve also put together a teaser introduction to wet your appetite.

Prepare to enter a world where folk music and pop music collide. Where Michael Jackson flirts with British traditional folk music, Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar join forces with Daft Punk, The Watersons share the stage with Van-halen, the Prodigy embrace sea shanties, and the Unthanks go through a bit of a death metal faze.

David Eagle from The Young’uns takes to the decks to DJ, exclusively for Folk East, as the two disparate worlds of folk and pop join together in unholy musical matrimony. Come and hear folk music like you’ve never heard it before. Come and dance the night away in the company of The Young’uns, armed with disco lights, samplers and DJ decks, and joined by the amazing MC Squared. All shall be revealed!

Download the Young’uns In The Mix promo here.

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5 thoughts on “David’s Daily Digital Dollop: Dollop 225 – The Young’uns In The Mix – Where Folk Music And Pop Music Collide

  1. Proud and lucky to say I WAS THERE. On paper it shouldnt have worked….Folk, Pop, Rock mixed together…..dont be ridiculous……..add a pioneering genious called Dave to the equasion and you have one of the most clever, original and entertaining things i have ever see or ever likely to. Please tell me someone filmed it……because when i tell people they will say i must have imagined it after drinking too much Jackalope.
    So did it work ?…I’ll say it did, and judging by the hundreds of people crammed i to the Broad Routes tent having a blast and begging for more once the hour has passed I would say nobody who saw it would argue.
    A true I WAS THERE moment. Best single hour of the weekend for me.

    Thanks Dave, Thanks Young’Uns and big thanks to John & Becky for making it all happen. Roll on FE2017.

    • Ah well thank you, I wasn’t sure if it would work either, but fortunately it seemed to. We’ll be releasing The Young’uns In The Mix, volume 1 soon on The Young’uns Podcast. There are also a couple of other mixes on the Pick And Mix page of this site, although they are different and mix everything and anything, but you may enjoy them. See you next time around.

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