David’s Daily Digital Dollop: Dollop 163 – Copycat Conspiracies

Another audio Dollop, continuing from where we left off yesterday, with some new startling revelations.

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4 thoughts on “David’s Daily Digital Dollop: Dollop 163 – Copycat Conspiracies

  1. I came across the following and just had to share it with you. Obviously it’s because these daily dollops have become such a integral part of my daily routine, and nothing at all to do with having Run stuck in my head for the past several hours after listening to this dollop and can’t help but be reminded of it.

    • Interesting, especially considering that I used Spirit as an example in the Dollop the day before, but a different song. I thought that the similarity was pretty obvious the first time I heard Torus. It’s all getting a bit weird though, all this suing. Still, if they can copyright seeds …

  2. *hmm not sure they can copyright seeds. Has to be a patent… (Promise there’s actually a big difference and I’m not being a completely stupid pedant) (well. Only a little bit ;p)

    • Yes, OK, fair enough, technically the wrong word. But as far as I can see, for a layman such as myself, it essentially seems to all boil down to the issue of ownership, and so surely kind of falls under the same umbrella as copyright. Whether that umbrella has been patented or not … Claiming ownership over something and thus restricting/controlling access, is essentially what copyrighting or patenting something does. The same words are used in relationship to patents, as with the term copyright. For instance, with the seeds patent argument, the term biopiracy is used. Obviously, we talk about piracy in regards to copyright too. So the two seem to be closely interlinked. But, I’m not the law expert. I am happy to acquiesc on this one, especially since I’m hoping you’ll use your superior law knowledge to help me sue the manufacturers of domestic appliances, who have incorporated short tunes into their products which arguably copy famous melodies, such as my door bell’s blatant emulation of Frank Sinatra’s My Way, and my washing machine’s flagrant stealing of An English Country Garden. I think this could be a big money earner for us. I appreciate that if you haven’t heard Dollop 164, then this will all be highly confusing.

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