David’s Daily Digital Dollop: Dollop 158 – Dolloping From The Coop

I’ve Dolloped from the Royal Albert Hall, I’ve Dolloped From The BBC Springwatch Studios, But Now, finally, The Moment You’ve All Been waiting For … Today, I’m Dolloping From The Coop shop!

Today is the day you’ve all been waiting for, and don’t even try and pretend you haven’t. Springwatch was a mere distraction from the main event, which is finally upon us. It’s time to give the people what they want – or at least give one person what he wants. That person being Dollop regular Michael Wackington, ardent proponent of the cooperative. As promised, today is the day that I visit the Coop. Find out how I got on by listening to today’s audio Dollop. Needless to say, it will be full of excitement and incredible drama. Hopefully you can control your shaking hands enough to click the download link.

Download the adventure here

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4 thoughts on “David’s Daily Digital Dollop: Dollop 158 – Dolloping From The Coop

    • My goodness, high praise indeed. I am going to get your comment framed and have it above my bed, so that when I wake up it will be the first thing I see every morning, giving myself a positive energy boost to start the day. Well I never, top 5 you say.

  1. Epic, although that walk did sound pretty harrowing. Now you just need to dollop from the Rochdale Pioneers Museum (home of the first Coop shop) and your coop journey will be complete!! 😛

  2. Oh my god David. Why on earth did you travel so far, I would have just popped into Sainsburys! I did request that Co-op Radio play a young’uns song when you arrived. Clearly the message didn’t get through. I’m surprised you didn’t mention it.
    Now whats all this Almond Milk your not a secret Veggie are you. As a veggie myself, it always good to see someone moving towards the lightside.

    I too am disappointed about the lack of Gerkins, perhaps the very helpful assistant (who was fantastic) thought that you wanted a fresh gerkin – can you get those? After all, she would have assumed you were a Veggie, and you know what we are like for our fresh fruit.

    I shall be praising the store to the highest Co-op authorities, I think I have just managed to work out which one you used.

    I shall rate this dollop as the best co-op related dollop so far. 10/10 to you too

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