David’s Daily Digital Dollop – Dollop 147 – The Young’uns Go Wild

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Tomorrow I will be doing a recording for the BBC TV programme Springwatch. When I first heard from the BBC about this, I assumed I’d been asked onto Springwatch because they’d heard my walking audio Dollops, and perhaps wanted me to recreate the magic of those walks, only for a wider television audience.

Unfortunately, my big presenter break hasn’t happened quite yet, because it turns out that the other two Young’uns have been asked to be on the show as well.

Originally, we had been asked to be on the One Show, as part of BBC Music Day, which is Friday 3 June, but unfortunately we aren’t available that day, so we had to turn the One Show down. But they were still quite keen to do something with us for BBC Music Day, and so we ended up being asked to do a recorded appearance for Springwatch, and tomorrow is the day we record.

Obviously, because it’s a nature programme, there has to be some link between our presence on the show and the subject of nature. They asked us whether we had anything that might fit the show’s remit, and obviously we said yes. I mean, we don’t, but we were hardly going to turn down the opportunity to be on the telly, just because of such a trifling little matter as being clueless about nature. We’d have said anything just to get on the telly. We’d have happily pretended to be devout Christians if Songs Of Praise was in the offing. We’d have told them that we were passionate Josiah Wedgwood aficionados if someone from the Antiques Road show asked us to come on. As long as we’ve got enough time before the show to have a cursory read of Wikipedia, we should be fine.

So, tomorrow we shall be recording our appearance on Springwatch, singing a song, and chatting about our music and how nature plays a part in our music and how it inspires us creatively. I mean, it doesn’t really particularly inspire us creatively or factor in our music at all, but we want to be on the telly, and so we’ll happily make some lies up in order to get on. To be honest, the biggest link we have to the remit of the programme is the fact that I am named after a bird. Yes, my uncle had a much-loved parrot called David, and they named me after him. Hahaha, you see what I did there?

We are recording the programme at 6pm, and so there is still time for us to swat up on some facts about nature. If anyone has any little nuggets of nature information or jargon that we can maybe throw in, to help us seem like as if we’re more knowledgable about wildlife, then feel free to leave a comment.

The programme is the spin-off show from Springwatch, called Springwatch Unsprung, and will be broadcast on BBC Two at 630 pm on Friday 3 June. So that’s two things you’ve got to look forward to in June now: The Young’uns on telly, and even more excitingly, my audio Dollop visiting the Co-op shop. Yes, the month of June is really hotting up.

Obviously, if anyone from the BBC is reading this, I am of course only joking about our lack of nature knowledge and our general irrelevance to your programme. I am pretending to be ignorant for mildly comic effect. Don’t worry, on the night, you will see that I am fully clued-up about wildlife, and it won’t be a case of us coming across as clueless, bumbling idiots, making tits out of ourselves. Of course, on the subject of tits, I could regale you for days. Whether it be the Blue Tit, Willow Tit, Marsh tit, or my particular favourite, the European Crested tit. Although we’ll be lucky to see a European Crested Tit where we’re recording, as it chiefly resides in the ancient pinewoods of Inverness and Strathspey in Scotland. It is uncommon for the Crested tit to stray from these locations, although, there have been some rare sightings in England, so you never know. But anyway, I don’t want to bore you with my vast bird-based knowledge. The point is, as you can tell, BBC, you have nothing to worry about.

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2 thoughts on “David’s Daily Digital Dollop – Dollop 147 – The Young’uns Go Wild

  1. You could pretend that your Australian tour was just to allow you to get up close and personal with the yellow footed rock wallaby. And quolls. Crazy about quolls you are. You can say any old rubbish about them and no one would know.

  2. Very excited about the June trip to the Co-op. This is going to make mine and Wackington Minors month – ok Wackington minors birthday is in June, so that is the most exciting thing, and the footy, and my cycling holiday in Holland…

    If you give me a heads up, I can use my considerable influence with the Co-op to ensure you have a top notch experience. I may be able to get a few Finger Limes in from Australia to add to the overall experience. Mmm Finger…. Limes

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