David’s Daily Digital Dollop: Dollop 134 – Kitty Cafe

Today’s Dollop is an experimental (with emphasis on the mental) 3 dimensional audio Dollop.

Download it here

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9 thoughts on “David’s Daily Digital Dollop: Dollop 134 – Kitty Cafe

  1. Wow! Never has my washing up been so entertaining…though the floor is covered in drips as I raced to hear the cars moving (sorry no headphones, but by the power of persuasion I’m sure I could detect the 3 dimensions)!
    My kitchen is sparkly, I spent longer than usual in there… mesmerised and chortling, waiting for the Kitty cafe…
    Great stuff! More please David!

    • Well I’m glad I’ve had such a positive domestic influence on you today. I am the modern-day version of Housewife’s Choice, or Domestic Engineer’s Choice, which is a more up-to-date and politically correct title.

  2. When I saw the title I thought you must be here in Nottingham. Surely there isn’t more than one daft Kitty Cafe in the country?! Is there?!

    • You are correct in your assertion that I am referring to Nottingham. I shall be there tomorrow afternoon, unless there’s some urgent gardening emergency. I might bring a cat back as a Dollop mascot.

  3. Sorry but that was just too much for my nerves. At one point you were in the middle of the road there. Who cares what Kitty Cafe is? We nearly lost you!

    • You don’t get off that easily I’m afraid. Imagine if I did get killed and they discovered the recording of how it happened. I’d like to think they’d play it at my funeral. Imagine the tears of the mourners, as they bemoan the fact that they’ll never get to hear the whole Kitty Cafe story. That would obviously be the main tragedy

  4. Less of the sarcasm re gardening emergencies please – presumably you don’t get a chance to grow anything in the frozen north. But down here in the balmy Midlands we battle the elements to tend our borders.

    • I should have known I’d crossed a line with the gardening jokes. I never learn, there are some things you just don’t joke about. ☺️

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