David’s Daily Digital Dollop: Dollop 226 – Do You want To Feel My Feature?

In today’s walking audio Dollop, I ask you to name that tune, plus we make a new friend.

Download the adventure here

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2 thoughts on “David’s Daily Digital Dollop: Dollop 226 – Do You want To Feel My Feature?

  1. David, I think you’ve pulled! Seriously, I seem to have a rival for your affections. Would it be too forward of me to mention that you can come and feel my water feature any time? And don’t forget, I had a tattoo done just for you!

  2. Here are my conclusions about your new friend with the water feature. His intentions could like in one of three ways:
    (A) He’s doing his philanthropic deed for the day – oh look, here comes the poor blind man, trying to work out what my water feature is. He always walks along here – it’s the highlight of his day, poor chap. I’ll be nice to him.
    (B) He’s seen you before and noticed you are recording so, out of curiosity, he has googled blind man/Sheffield/ audio and stumbled upon your blogs. He’s now hungry for a slice of the action, and already celebrating his appearance on yesterday’s dollop
    (C) He fancies you! Time to find a different route?

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