David Eagle’s Blind Spot, Episode 1

This is yet another first episode of a new project. This is a pilot that may go further at some point, but I thought I’d put it up on my website for you, meaning that if it doesn’t get taken up then at least it hasn’t been a total waste.

David Eagle’s Blind Spot is a portrayal of how ordinary, everyday events can be suddenly transformed into the extraordinary, simply because of being blind. It is a light hearted, humorous look at attitudes to disability, and the unusual ways in which people interact with me as a result of my blindness.

This particular episode is a re-done, dramatised version of my blog post From Chickens to Pelicans.

This is just a pilot episode, so I won’t be releasing them on a weekly basis (despite what the introduction says), although I may do some more at some point, regardless of whether it gets picked up or not.

Download David Eagle’s Blind Spot, Episode 1, here.
In other news: I’ve updated the Clips section of my site, so that there are some more presenting clips, taken from Young’uns and Southside Podcasts. I’ve also removed the Southside Podcast link from the homepage, because it’s getting a bit antiquated now. But the archive is still there if you should ever want it.

And finally: If you’re reading this before Friday April 12, you should try and listen to the amazing 45 minute radio drama from David Nobbs, the creator of Reginald Perrin; it’s called Silent Nights. It’s currently available on the BBC IPlayer

Well, that’s quite a bit for you to be getting on with. Enjoy.

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