David Eagle – The Radio Experience

These six podcasts comprise the contents of a one-off Christmas 2009 show on CVFM In Middlesbrough, which was a compilation of highlights from Southside and Young’uns Podcasts.

Podcast 1

The first podcast consists of the show’s introduction (surprisingly), some live Greek music recorded for a Young’uns Podcast and a rant about another radio show.

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Podcast 2

David Eagle takes a journey back in time to the world’s first standup comedy gig. He introduces you to the world’s most dangerous sound effects CD. Plus, you’re not clever, and you’re certainly not big. We hear the radio advert that will stop you speeding … apparently.

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Podcast 3

Featuring the confessions of a criminal mastermind; a Leona Lewis song parody; an example of some really bad reality TV; an exclusive live recording from Heaven with God and Jesus; and a few puns thrown in for good measure.

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Podcast 4

Today’s podcast features live music recorded for ‘The Young’uns Podcast from the North Yorkshire based singer songwriter Richard Grainger;a dramatic love story courtesy of Facebook; And David Eagle has a nervous breakdown … again!

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Podcast 5

Today: What do you get when you cross Groove Armada with The Nolan Sisters? Plus, more rants about other people’s radio shows, and some more social network based drama (this time courtesy of Twitter).

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Podcast 6

What do book shop employees, assassins and people who work in the packaging industry all have in common? Find out by downloading the sixth and final podcast in this current short series. Plus, David Eagle helps give the heaviest show on radio a bit of a lift. And there’s music from comedy songwriter Martin Nesbitt. recorded for ‘The Young’uns Podcast’.

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