C’est magnifique … erm … its all I can say!

I was planning on writing quite a bit today but I’ve got the 84th Southside Podcast to package by Friday afternoon before I head off to a gig in Leeds. I’ll talk more about my gigging shenanigans in more detail at some point in the future (see? The future really is bright!). Anyway, even though I’m not going to write about what I intended to write about for this post, I will still provide the audio clip that pertained to the thing I was going to write about.

My post was going to be about radio presenting nightmares. I work for a radio station that is partly involved in training up wannabe radio presenters. As I do a lot of editing for podcasts I am given all the programs, reports and interviews to sift through in order to locate the best bits for podcast inclusion. Obviously now and again (I get a cruel streak) and include some of the more cringe worthy broadcasting moments made by the new, trainee presenters, just for a cheap and easy laugh. Now and again though I am lucky to come across an example of nightmare radio presenting that is made by the more established talent. On such occasions, , my cruel streak will invariably rear its head and their ineptitudes will be be played (relentlessly) for the world to hear. Obviously, if ever I was to make a mistake then I have the power to edit it out which I duly do. Well I’ve got to have some perks in this job, especially when you consider the wage I’m on.

I’ve provided an example of some classic car crash radio that I featured (with great delight) on a previous Southside Podcast for you to download. A group of reporters went to Earls Court to cover
the France Show which is an event that celebrates French culture. Sadly, it transpires that the French language skills of the three reporters were rather under par, in fact (more or less non-existent) and so communication was more than a little fraught at times. This seemed to completely frazil the brains of the presenters who then struggled to even string sentences together in English. It becomes clearly apparent that the only French phrase the reporters know is “c’est magnifique” which they clearly demonstrate by repeating it over and over again in spite of it having no actual relevance to the subject matter at hand.

You can hear the whole embarrassing episode
Merci, au revoir – as you can tell I’m a bit of an expert when it comes to French.

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