The Young’uns Podcast Presents: Rex Factor, Live From The Pirate Castle in London

Rex Factor Podcast cover art

We receive a lot of feedback on The Young’uns Podcast, and one comment that keeps coming around time and time again is: “this folk music stuff is all very well and good, but, when are you going to talk about Saxon monarch Edgar the Peaceable?” Well friends, that time has finally come, as The Young’uns Podcast unites with another podcast: Rex Factor, where British monarchs throughout history battle for supremacy. Last year the Rex Factor won the attentions of the Guardian, and in a desperate and cynical bid to get The Young’uns Podcast noticed, we decided to invite the Rex Factor’s hosts, our good friends Graham and Ali, on to our podcast. Recorded in front of an audience last year at the Pirate Castle in London, we discuss the conundrum that is Richard III; the musical abilities of Henry VIII, play a monarchy based round of the Birthday Game, which gets rather heated; and author and voice of The Transports, Matthew Crampton, sings of the spectral exploits of Anne Boleyn.

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Don’t Get Our Goats UP, Get Our Votes Up

Tonight on BBC radio 2’s Folk Show, Mark Radcliffe announced that The Young’uns are nominated in two categories at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards: Best Original Song for Be The Man, and Best Album for Strangers. There is nothing you can really do to influence the outcome of the Best Original Song plaudit, as the decision is made by a panel of judges; rest assured though, we are in the process of establishing who those judges are, so we know who to sleep with.

This is a laborious procedure, as we can’t be fully certain of who is on the panel, with some people even falsely claiming to be a judge in the hope of having sex with us. Obviously we have to go ahead and sleep with all of these people, lest we should snub someone because we’ve disbelieved their claimed credentials. It’s important to make sure that we leave no stone unturned, or, perhaps to employ a more pertinent axiom, adopt a no holes barred policy.

This whole thing was certainly a great deal easier when we were up for the awards in 2015 and 2016. There were three of us to do the sexing, but Sean is now married, and Michael is getting married on Saturday, and will then be going on his honeymoon for two weeks. So it’s down to me to put my nose to the grind stone (and god knows what else) and to get my hands (among other things) dirty.

If you are a Folk Award judge who is reading this, please use the Contact Form on my website to get in touch with me and secure your spot. Don’t worry, the form is fully secure, meaning that your transgression will remain a secret. Please include your location in your message, so that I can start putting together a route and a timetable of where and with whom. I don’t want to be constantly redundantly hopping from one end of the country to the other. I’m barely going to have enough energy as it is, what with all the sex, without having to cover unnecessary miles. To you none-judges out there, please don’t pretend to be a judge just because you want to sleep with me. This is already going to be enough of a ball ache, both literally and figuratively.

While there’s nothing you can really do to help with the Best Original Song category – apart from maybe if you’re a David Eagle look-alike who’s willing to take up some of the flack, pretend to be me, and sleep with some judges – you can however aid us in winning the Best Album award, as it’s a public vote. Yes, that’s right, a public vote. What could possibly go wrong? The democratic system has of course worked wonderfully over the last couple of years, so I’m confident that the right decision will be reached.

If you’re based in the UK, or you have the technological means to fool the BBC website into believing that you are, then you can vote for us here. Unfortunately I am unable to offer all of you sex as a bribe, as I just don’t have the time or resources, so we’re just going to have to rely on merit, and hope that that’s enough. So, here’s the link to vote. Oh, and did I mention how attractive you’re looking? Here’s that link again. Thank you.

Tis The Season To Be Mercenary

Photo of Young'uns book cover

The holiday season is coming, the goose is getting big boned. We can’t sing “Christmas” now, can we? Or sing “the Goose is getting fat” any more, thanks to the PC brigade; yet another example of them ruining our fun. I’ve even heard that some lefty lobbyists are campaigning to change the words further to, “the holiday season is coming, the tofu is getting marinaded,” so as not to offend vegans. And of course, you can’t sing the “old man’s hat” bit now, can you? Oh no, you have to sing “please put a penny in the gender-neutral senior citizen’s hat.” Unbelievable!

Did you know that apparently a school in Brighton has dismissed their Santa Clause who’s played the role every year for the last forty years, because he refused to kowtow to the school’s new policy that “ho ho ho” is no longer allowed, as it might offend kids with stutter problems and speech impairments? They’ve got a new Father Christmas now, although of course it’s not Father Christmas; it’s a woman who they’re calling Mother Winter. Yes, and of course the school is so obsessed with being an equal opportunities employer, so this Mother Winter has got tourettes, and periodically swears at the kids. It’s political correctness gone mad! etc etc …

So, it’s that time of the year when everyone is trying desperately to get you to buy their products. Well it would be very unfestive of me to not jump on the bandwagon and attempt to sell you some stuff. The bandwagon is decked with holly, tinsel and sleigh bells, incidentally. Actually, the reason I need your money is to pay for the bandwagon; I don’t know what I was thinking. Being blind, I can’t even drive the bloody thing. It was a reckless purchase.

The Young’uns have released a book. It’s been available in softback for a couple of months, but we’ve now recorded the audio version, which is read by us. So if you’re too lazy to read, or you’re missing the Dollops and want to rekindle the joys of 2016, basking in the sound of my voice spouting drivel, then this is perfect for you. It’s a collection of tales about our various exploits and adventures over the last thirteen years, plus the stories behind the songs that we’ve written and sing as The Young’uns. You can buy the audiobook and the softback version here. The softback version has the advantage of including lots of photos, whereas the audio version has the advantage of being read to you by us. Ah, what the hell, why not opt for the full immersive sensory experience, buy them both, and read and peruse the pictures whilst listening to the audiobook? Here’s the link again. The audiobook is available as a digital download in four MP3 files.

Or if you’re a tight-arse, or maybe you’re going to buy the book but just want even more of me in your life, then there is loads of free festive stuff that I’ve done over the years. I’ll be back tomorrow with another blog, featuring a list of my festive content from Christmases past. But I don’t want to bombard you with too many links today, as it might distract you from clicking this one and buying The Young’uns book.

Until tomorrow …

P.S. Does any one want to buy a bandwagon off me?

The Young’uns Podcast: Bob Sleigh Fox

Photo of Bob Fox

In this edition of The Young’uns Podcast, presented to you from a sleigh in freezing Western Canada, we feature music, mirth and meanderings with Bob Fox, recorded at our 2016 Singing Weekend in Beverley. Bob divulges stories about his time working on the National Theatre production of War Horse, talking about various onstage and offstage mishaps. He also opens up about his love affair with The Young’uns’ very own Michael Hughes. And we play a backwards game of Trivial Pursuit.

You can listen to our previous podcast with Bob Fox from 2014 here.
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The Young’uns Podcast: The Erotic Dance Of The Rolling Pin (with Quicksilver)

Photo of Quicksilver

This week’s guests are Quicksilver, comprising Grant Baynham, a regular contributor on BBC One’s That’s Life with Esther Rantzen in the 80s, and Hilary Spencer from the vocal harmony trio Artisan. As well as playing live for us, They share anecdotes of post-gig accommodation traumas, Grant talks about writing comedy songs for radio and his time on the TV with Esther Rantzen, and there’s a particularly patriotic Herbal Tea of The Week. There’s eccentric, flourishing guitar picking, soring vocals, hilarious wordplay, unsavoury stories, and possibly also unsavoury tea; but you’ll have to listen to find out whether that’s true.

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The Young’uns Podcast Live in Suffolk with Gilmore & Roberts

photo of Gilmore & Roberts

This week’s guests are BBC Radio 2 Folk Award nominated duo Gilmore & Roberts. Katriona Gilmore introduces us to her talking micropig. Herbal tea Of The Week makes a return. We rant about satnavs and kettles. And we discuss odd gig experiences.

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The Young’uns Podcast in Australia

Photo of Sean and David looking out over Sidney Harbour Bridge

This week’s Young’uns podcast features highlights from our 2016 Australian tour. We receive some rather unusual heckles. We nearly become major Australian reality TV stars. We are thrown into panic due to a case of mistaken identity. We’ve an Australian themed game for you to try your hand at. Find out what caused one female audience member to lodge a complaint with a festival because of our “sexist” behaviour. And what the heck did Sean do to a Cockatoo?

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The Young’uns Podcast Live From Folk East 2017 with Dan Walsh, Will Pound, Eddy Jay and Pete Flood

Photo of Sean and David laughing, Sean holding microphone while David does pottery

The Young’uns Podcast returns to the Folk East festival in Suffolk. There’s music, chat and games with Dan Walsh, Will Pound, Eddy Jay. Pete Flood is best known for his percussion skills, being the drummer in Bellowhead, but he’s also a keen botanist, which makes him the perfect guest for our inaccurately named semi-regular feature Herbal Tea Of The Week. And there’s a live pottery demonstration.

Go here to watch a video of the live on-stage pottery workshop

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The Young’uns Podcast: The Antiques Folk Show With Nancy Kerr, James Fagan, Richard & Jess Arrowsmith (AKA Melrose Quartet)

photo of Melrose Quartet

The Young’uns Podcast returns to Sheffield, to the Antiques shop Rileys & Co, for music, conversation and games with Sheffield’s Melrose Quartet. There’s another epic Space Attack battle, play along with our new game, Song charades, we discuss dreams, and there’s an exciting new biscuit based feature. Plus, what’s going on with James Fagan’s trousers?


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Photo of Melrose quartet playing Space Attack
Photo of James Fagan's trousers

The Young’uns Podcast In Canada (2016)


This week’s Young’uns Podcastt features our 2016 adventures in Canada. Take a soak with us in a hot tub; come with us as we embark on a perilous boat ride. Kiss a dog, or kiss lots of dogs, so long as you’ve got the cash to splash. We have fun with Pokémon and geese. It’s the return of the Birthday Game. And we meet Don, the drummer in the ridiculously named Canadian band, The Young’uns. So roll up, roll up, step right this way, although mind that pool of blood.


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