The Young’uns Podcast: Live from Sheffield with Roy Bailey and Neil McSweeney (October 10 2017)

Photo of Roy Bailey and Neil McSweeney

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The wait is finally at an end. The Young’uns podcast is back for another series. Over the course of the next few weeks we’ll take you with us to Canada, Belgium, Australia, and all around the UK. We’ll be playing you some of the more interesting bits that happened between the songs at our gigs. We’ll be chatting with and hearing music from lots of our folky friends . And we’ve got some new exciting features, as well as the return of some of the tried and tested classics.

This week we’re in Sheffield, in front of a live audience, with special Sheffield guests Roy Bailey and Neil McSweeney. Now 82, Roy looks back at his sixty years of singing folk songs, and shares stories about his friendship and collaboration with Tony Ben, and talks about his decision to hand back his MBE. Sheffield singer songwriter Neil McSweeney takes us to a land of cocaine and orgiastic revelry. As well as singing and chatting, Roy and Neil battle for glory in an epic game of Space Attack. All that and a lot more will grace your ears when you stream or download this instalment of The Young’uns Podcast. Thanks also to Paul Foster from Colchester for helping with this week’s Young’uns Podcast introductory jingle.

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The Young’uns In The Mix – Live From Folk East 2016

photo of The Young'uns In The Mix live at Folk East

Prepare to enter a world where folk music and pop music collide. Where Michael Jackson flirts with British traditional folk music, Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar join forces with Daft Punk, The Watersons share the stage with Van-halen, the Prodigy embrace sea shanties, and the Unthanks experiment with death metal.

At 2016’s Folk East Festival in Suffolk, David Eagle took to the decks to DJ, uniting the two disparate worlds of folk and pop together in unholy musical matrimony. This is what happened. Get ready to hear folk music like you’ve never heard it before. This is The Young’uns In The Mix!

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  • The Watersons – sound sound your instruments of joy
  • Young Tradition – Byker Hill
  • Britney Spears – Baby One More Time
  • The Watersons – Light Dragoon
  • Cuban Boys – Cognoscenti vs Intelligentsia
  • Nero – Me And You
  • Daft Punk – Digital Love
  • Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar – George
  • Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe
  • Johnny Collins, Dave Webber, Pete Watkinson – Fire Marengo
  • The Prodigy – Spitfire
  • Missy Elliot – 4 MY PEOPLE
  • Nickel Creek – Smoothie Song
  • Kissy Sell Out – You’re on Fire
  • Van Halen – Jump
  • The Watersons “Hal-An-Tow”
  • Diana Ross – Chain Reaction
  • Add N to (X) – Monster Bobby
  • Watersons – Willy Went to Westerdale
  • Mr Blobby – Mr Blobby
  • Peter Bellamy – Bungay Roger
  • Jackson 5 – I Want You Back
  • Limp Bizkit feat Method Man,Redman & Dmx – Rollin’
  • Bellowhead – Roll The Woodpile Down
  • Limp Bizkit – Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle) –
  • Frankie Lain – Rawhide
  • Michael McGoldrick – Mackerel & Tatties
  • Bee Gees – Stayin’ Alive
  • Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass
  • The Unthanks – Lucky Gilchrist
  • Venetian Snares – Nepetalactone
  • Venetian Snares – Hajnal
  • Dream Theater – The Glass Prison
  • Rachel Unthank & The Winterset – Lull 1: Newcastle Lullaby
  • Rachel Unthank & The Winterset – Lull 2: My Lad’s a Canny Lad
  • Roaring Forties – We Made The Steel
  • Swedish House Mafia – One
  • Countdown Theme
  • Isla Cameron – As I roved out
  • Muse – Time Is Running Out
  • Mawkin:Causley – Come My Lads
  • Madonna – Holiday
  • Alela Diane & Alina Hardin – Matty Groves
  • Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars
  • Treacherous Orchestra – Superfly
  • Avicii – Levels (Skrillex Remix)
  • The High Kings – Step It Out Mary
  • Nero – Me & You (Dirtyphonics Remix)
  • Rachel Unthank & The Winterset – Blackbird
  • Michael Holliday – Oh Shenandoah
  • Johnny Collins, Dave Webber, Pete Watkinson – Goodbye, Fare Thee Well
  • 4Square – Follow The Heron
  • Chumbawamba – Buy Nothing Day
  • Exmouth Shanty Men – Bye-bye, my Roseanna
  • The Young’uns – Roll Down
  • Johnny Collins, Dave Webber, Pete Watkinson – Shallow Brown
  • Johnny Collins, Dave Webber, Pete Watkinson – Leave Her Johnny
  • Ewan MacColl – Joy of Living:
  • Johnny Collins, Dave Webber, Pete Watkinson – Farewell Shanty
  • The Spinners – Pleasant and delightful
  • Sonny_J – Sonrise
  • Ewan MacColl, Charles Parker, Peggy Seeger – The Engine Had Reached The Distance
  • Spoken word samples included Martin Carthy, Martin Freeman and Richard Hawley, and contributions from O’Hooley & Tidow, Gilmore & Roberts, Martin Simpson, Greg Russell and The Hut People

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The Young’uns Podcast – Live From Folk East Festival, With John Spiers, O’hooley & Tidow, and Sam Kelly

The Young’uns Podcast is back! Our first podcast of 2016 comes live from the Folk East Festival in Suffolk, where we are joined by an enthusiastic audience, guests John Spiers, O’hooley & Tidow, and Sam Kelly. As well as songs and tunes, we play a game of Jenga, have a competition to see who can do the best impression of the characters from the children’s TV show Rainbow, play a geordie drinking game, and discuss all manner of miscellaneous claptrap. And even more exciting than all of that … It’s the return of Herbal Tea Of The week!!!

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The Young’uns Podcast End Of Year Clearance Sale

It’s the last Young’uns Podcast of the year, and the last in the current series until April 2016. So, in this podcast we are clearing out all our old stock, I.E. the remaining gig clips that are still lurking on the computer that have yet to be played, It’s very much the bargain basement equivalent of a podcast, but in a good way, hopefully.

David dons his dog collar to become the Reverend Eagle in order to convey a spiritual message for the new year. Plus, there’s some faeces based banter, conspiracy theories, and we discuss South American cuisine.

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Happy new year.

The Young’uns Christmas Podcast

Hark, hark, good news, the Christmas Young’uns Podcast is here! Lots of music and clips from our Christmas tour, a Christmas quiz in which we ask you to identify the TV sitcom from the Young’uns’ musical clues. And we invade a train with 300 of our friends to sing Christmas songs, led by the folk group Scuppered.

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Merry Christmas!

The Young’uns Podcast: My Step son was almost run over by Princess Diana, And Other Stories

This Young’uns Podcast episode is dedicated to Jake, a fourteen-year-old boy who wrote us a lovely long letter about how wonderful we are; he’s clearly going to go places.

Today we meet the man who’s step son was nearly killed by the People’s Princess. David is accosted by yet another overly-familiar lady. The Young’uns colaborate with a dubstep MC. We get trapped inside a fridge. We meet the audience member who’s maybe just a little bit too keen to get involved with the performance. We find out how the Young’uns’ music is responsible for uniting a lovestruck teenage couple. We meet some crazy Kate Rusby fans with a penchant for nursery rhymes. And there’s lots of sneezing, sniffing and stamping, plus a few complimentary leg puns.

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Thanks to Trevor from the folk group Rapsquillion for the Princess Diana story.

The Young’uns Podcast: Strawberry Knickers

This week’s Young’uns Podcast is dedicated to the man at our gig in Honiton who rebuked us for being too much of a miserable band. David meets a child magician, Sean is lost for words, Maz O’Connor is feeling flummoxed, and Michael is just Michael. We introduce you to some revolutionary new technology. And the award for the worst venue we’ve played in 2015 is won hands-down by the Slaughtered Lamb in London. Find out why by listening to this edition of The Young’uns Podcast. And we start it all off with a cover of My Girl recorded in the pub after our BBC Radio 4 documentary earlier this summer, with Mark Radcliffe, Mark’s bandmate and radio producer Chris Lee and some other BBC folk.

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The Young’uns Podcast: No Celebrities This week, Just Greg Russell and ciaran Algar, Sorry

Photo of Greg Russell gazing longingly into Ciaran Algar’s eyes

We head back to Bamfest in Bedale, which won The Young’uns award for the drunkest and most raucous audience of 2014, and, as you’ll hear in this week’s podcast, they haven’t at all mellowed, in fact, at one point an audience member offers to have David’s babies. Martin Carthy, Martin Simpson and John Tams feature in the dreams of Sean Cooney.
Michael Hughes is held hostage near Hull.
Greg Russell and ciaran Algar go head-to-head in the Birthday game.
And David is high, but on what? All will be revealed in this instalment of The Young’uns Podcast.

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The Young’uns Podcast: David Punches Jeremy Kyle In The Face

photo of Jeremy Kyle

Last week, Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal sat next to us on a plane to Portugal. This week our paths cross with Jeremy Kyle, who was recording his show opposite the BBC Radio 3 studio in which we were recording a live session. Also this week, Ciaran Algar joins us in a pub to discuss dreams, we get interrogated by some posh children, the birthday game is back, and we play a new game, Guess The Tune On The bassoon.

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You can download and listen to all our previous podcast episodes, plus subscribe to the podcast for free to recieve episodes automatically by visiting the Young’uns Podcast page here.

The Young’uns Podcast in Portugal, with Mike Harding, Lady Maisery and Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal

Photo of Louis Van Gaal

So far this year we’ve taken you with us to America, Canada and France, and this week we’re off to Portugal, to the Costa del Folk Festival.

Hear clips from our first ever aquatic gig, as we perform in the swimming pool, with the help of Lady Maisery – without instruments of course. Hear clips from our sangria fuelled late night gig, in which Mike Harding impersonates animals and insults the Welsh. Plus, find out what happens when Manchester United’s manager Louis Van Gaal sits next to us on the plane.

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