99th Southside Podcast, plus the great riddle reveal!

Coming soon: What do male homosexual prostitutes, deep-sea divers, and investigative journalists all have in common? But first:

The 99th Southside Podcast is here. This is its description:

Have you ever wondered about what a Lama might write in a blog? No, of course you haven’t but anyway … This week comedy writer dean Wilkinson introduces us to the Lamadali, as well as discussing the subject of children’s literature.
Science Fiction writers Alan Stevens and Fiona Moore talk about the science Fiction drama ‘Faction Paradox’.
Actor Trevor Cooper shares some acting anecdotes and reminisces about working on Doctor who.
Plus, find out all about a couple of lesser-known sexual orientations, and take part in our new, exciting competition, ‘Where Am I Scratching?’ And which science fiction monster or alien would you most like to enter into a physical relationship with?
O, and what are the two fastest fish in the ocean?
Find out by Podding ON™ to the 99th Southside Podcast.
Warning, this week’s Southside Podcast contains material that certain listeners may find unnerving, such as the sounds of unidentified monsters tearing human beings apart. Well what did you expect?

You can download it
So now on to my little riddle:
What do male homosexual prostitutes, deep-sea divers and investigative journalists all have in common?

Answer: They’re often paid to get to the bottom of things.

I’ll be back in a few days, but in the meantime, have a think about what I might have said to the rather arrogant jockey who was bragging about giving his horse Ecstasy so as to make it move faster.
I’ll give you the answer when next I blog.

P.S. I’ve just received a phone call from a friend who I’ve not heard from in a while. We’ve known each other for ages and she always does stuff like this. Baring in mind we’ve not had a conversation for quite some time, So she calls me up and (before even saying hi) she whispers “Tell me what Albus Dumbledore’s brother was called”. Now you may think this is some kind of really weird sexy talk we’ve got going on, but it isn’t. I could tell by the background sound where she was, plus it’s not the first time she’s done this. In the background I could hear the quizmaster asking questions. She was ringing me from a pub quiz, and insisted on cheating because their team always lose. Last time she did this she kept me on the phone, for a whole round, making me answer questions for ages. Most of the time I didn’t know the answer and so I had to do an Internet search. I’ve got one hand on the keyboard and the other holding the phone, and while I make my search, she just keeps telling me to hurry up or bombards me with even more questions before I get a chance to answer the last one. And her quiz team aren’t any use. All they do is keep asking “Has he got the answwer yet? Has he got the answer yet?” You’ve never known true pressure until you’ve been on the phone to my friend asking quiz questions ten-to-the-dozen, with her friends and her cursing me and telling me to hurry up. Also, the last time I spoke to her she rang me from a pub quiz. I’d like to think she was choosing me because she saw me as the friend with the most knowledge, but the tragic fact is simply that I’m a sucker. So I look forward to our next reunion (maybe in a couple of months) when I have to tell her what year the Spanish armada occurred, without so much as a “hi, how do you do” from her. But as the British rock band ‘Placebo’ so sagely put it all those years ago, “A Friend in need’s a friend indeed’. (I’m sure they were the first people to coin that saying.)

O and just in case you are at all interested, the Spanish Armada was in 1588, and Albus Dumbledore’s brother was called Aberforth, but then you all knew that already didn’t you?

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