95th ‘southside Podcast’

Wow! Well what a crazy couple of months it’s been. I’ve been performing around Britain and Europe with my folk group
‘The Young’uns’
and I managed to get into a kind of weird long-distance relationship with a girl who started out amazing and then went a bit, er ….. psychotic. I don’t really feel it’s appropriate to blog about things like that, and so if you want to know all the exciting details then you’ll have to track me down, and attempt to make friends with me. Just be warned, there’s an elaborate process you have to go through before you can even be eligible for consideration as my friend. You have to be stringently vetted first. O, and it might hurt a bit too.

Anyway, the 95th ‘Southside Podcast’ has been released, and here is the description for it:

“It’s a highly emotionally charged podcast this week, as presenter David Eagle grapples with relationship problems.
Etiquette expert
Liz Brewer
talks about the success of her reality TV show ‘Laddette to Lady’, which is much better than the reality TV show ‘Coachtrip’ which gets a right-royal-rollicking.
Professor John Sutherland talks about the coolest heroes and iciest heroines in literature, based on research commissioned by an ice-lollies and smoothies company.
And “warm, rich and versatile” actor Philip Hurdwood talks about ‘The Archers’, adverts, and ethical and moral issues pertaining to acting,
Plus drunken, homeless continuity announcers, and do you ever wish you could fully express your love towards Southside’s Station Manager? Of course you do, and now there’s a way. All shall be revealed.
So pod on to the 95th Southside Podcast, but just be careful if you’re a pilot, ok?”

You can download it

Another short post I’m afraid as I’m way behind on work, but don’t worry, I’ll be back before you can fill out the elaborate David Eagle befriending application form and then fathom out my X-girlfriend. So I’ll be back sometime in the next ten years then.

Take it easy guys. Life’s too short, ok? (A little bit of Solomonesque wisdom for you there. I think that’s a quote from the ‘Book of Proverbs’ or something.

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