105th Young’uns Podcast.

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This week’s Young’uns podcast is a bit of a rollercoaster. In the emotional sense: as the podcast will inevitably have a big build up, only to come suddenly crashing down, leaving you feeling a bit sick and sore. But in addition to that allegorical rollercoaster, we feature an actual rollercoaster on the podcast (so I hope you appreciate the brilliance of that opening sentence; It works on so many levels – a bit like a rollercoaster really.)
Good news Mr. Harding; the audio treats continue. Following on from the roaring – or rumbling – success of the stomach noises item, we take things to their logical conclusion and move on to snoring.
Michael Hughes makes a urinal based observation.
Our special folky guest is
Gavin Davenport.
We’ll be finding out what makes him tick – although we won’t be bringing you the audio of that ticking on this week’s podcast (maybe next time). and We’ll also hear a couple of songs from him.
The Young’uns are joined at the Gate to Southwell festival by Doctor Who and the Daleks.
It’s an unwritten rule (although that’s about to change because I’m about to write it) that the Young’uns must have at least one Indian meal at every festival or gig they do. This week is no exception, and so we bring you the first in a series of reports from an Indian restaurant.
So I hope that all that curries favour with you (and yes that was a deliberate pun).

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